Endocrinology Fellowship Program


The Division of Endocrinology Fellowship program provides a progressive learning experience. Trainees are given increasing responsibility as they progress through the program and demonstrate their expanding knowledge base and expertise in diagnosis and management of endocrine disease. They serve as leaders of the endocrine team, which is constituted by a trainee, internal medicine residents and medical students, always under the supervision of an attending physician. Our program emphasizes a scholarly approach to diagnosis and management. Self-instruction is expected of the trainee along with critical analysis of the patient’s problems and appropriate decision analysis regarding further evaluation and/or management.

The continuing interaction between trainee and attending physician is the heart of the educational experience. The integration of endocrine disorders with other diseases of the patient is part of the interaction between attending physician and trainee. When relevant, health promotion and identification of risk factors for disease are emphasized. All patient interactions take into account cultural, socioeconomic, ethical occupational, environmental and behavioral issues.

Professionalism and ethical behavior are hallmarks of this training program. Our faculty members serve both as mentors and role model clinicians for the values of professionalism. Over the years, many of the fellows completing the fellowship training at this program have become leaders in their respective fields. While many graduates of the program pursue further academic careers, some have joined clinical practice or joined pharmaceutical companies.

The training program is based at two major teaching hospitals: UH Cleveland Medical Center and the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center. The diversity of patients’ population in the two teaching sites offer trainees exceptional opportunities to experience patients with different backgrounds covering all aspects of the specialty. Fellows participate didactic lectures, seminars and clinical training in the management of problems in all areas of endocrinology and metabolism. This clinical training involves inpatient consultation services and outpatient clinics, and includes experiences in pediatric endocrinology and reproductive endocrinology. All trainees are expected to participate in research projects under the guidance of faculty preceptors.