Pulmonary Fellowship Bootcamp


We start each year with an intensive fellows bootcamp, a daily conference series that lasts for two months focuses on basic topics in pulmonary and critical care medicine. We also provide a two-day ultrasonography course and full-day bronchoscopy course during the boot camp.

Below you can review the topics covered in Summer 2014 Bootcamp:

Month Topic Speaker
July Fellowship Matters Strausbaugh
Bronchoscopy I Strausbaugh
Bronchoscopy II + EBUS Strausbaugh
Ingestions in the ICU Dasenbrook
Mechanical Ventilation - Basics Montenegro
ARDS Petrozzi
Sedation and Paralysis in the ICU Popa
Sepsis Shatat
Ethics Daly
Sedation and Paralysis in the ICU II Popa
Hemodynamic Monitoring Shatat
Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring Shatat
CAP Jacono
VAP Petrozzi
Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease I Silver
Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease II Silver
Introduction to Clinical Statistics Dasenbrook
Oximetry and Capnography I Strohl
Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Strohl
How to Critically Read a Journal Article Dasenbrook
PSG Interpretation Strohl
August Bronchiectasis and Pulmonary Toileting Strausbaugh
Respiratory Muscles Van Lunteren
COPD Basics Montenegro
Pulmonary HTN Schilz
Shock State and Pressors Jacono
Upper Airway Anatomy Maronian
OSA History Taking Strohl
Oximetry and Capnography II Strohl
Thromboembolic Disease Schilz
Sleed Disordered Breathing & CSA Strohl
Lung Cancer I Jacono
Lung Cancer II Jacono
Pulmonary Function Testing Montenegro
Thromboembolic Disease Schilz
Basics of Reading CXR Gilkeson
Basics of Reading Chest CT Gilkeson
Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation Petrozzi
Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Shatat
Mechanical Ventilation - Newer Modalities Strausbaugh
Pre-op Evaluation and Lung Resectability Petrozzi
Ventilator Waveforms Strausbaugh
Utilization of Blood Bank in ICU Downes