Sleep Fellowship Research Training


We expect our fellows to be involved in some form of orginial research during their training with us; each fellow will meet with potential research mentors early in the beginning of the academic year to initiative their research project. The primary goal of the research experience is to develop analytical and intellectual skills to understand how original scholarly research is established and carried out. At the end of the academic year, fellows will present their research findings at the annual APSS meeting.

Some of the research interest of the divisional faculty include:

  • Genetics of respiratory control
  • Outcomes research
  • Animal models of depression and insomnia
  • Alternatives to CPAP for OSA (hypoglossal nerve stimulation, NaStent, CNEP)
  • Narcolepsy and hypersomnolence
  • Comparative effectiveness
Clinical trials taking place in the division include:
  • Inspire (HNS) post-approval follow-up
  • Jazz pharmaceuticals H3-antagonist FDA Phase III