Clerkship Coffee Kudos

Coffee Kudos is an award presented every 6 weeks to a resident who has been especially helpful in teaching medical students. The winner receives a gift card to a coffee house. Below is the list of previous winners.

October – December, 2016
Matildu Ogundare, MD
Dan Kobe, MD
Anu Bommakanti, MD
Elias Kikano, MD
Dan Karb, MD
Charlie Burns, MD
Jake Aaron, MD
Claire Dolan, MD
Paul Coletta, MD
Leben Tefera, MD

July - September 2016
Nate Stehouwer, MD
Gayathri Ravi, MD
Mohannad Abou Saleh, MD
Megan Chan, MD
Jacob Sadik, MD
Kevin Kuo, MD
Ashley Trotter, MD
Dan Kobe, MD
James Liao, MD
Keith Torrey, MD

January – March 2016
Leland Hull, MD
Rani Guttikonda, MD
Lee Nielson, MD
Ashley Trotter, MD
Leben Tefera, MD
Milana Bogorodskaya, MD
Courtney Batt, MD
Jude Khatib, MD
Debarshi Mustafi, MD
Jenny Kraninger, MD
Paul Lin, MD