Slice of Resident Life - Courtney Batt, MD


Name: Courtney Batt, MD      
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
Professional Interest: I’m interested in aspects of transitional medicine, adolescent and women’s health. Also in the health issues that have traditionally affected adults (obesity, HTN, DM2), but are now being seen in the pediatric population.

What was the most inspirational thing you witnessed while working at the hospital I’ve actually found myself most inspired by what a lot of people would consider the most depressing part of the medical field: palliative care. While I love helping people get better through medicine, I have come to realize this year how important it is to know when we’ve done all the healing that we can do and just make someone comfortable with a good quality of whatever life is left.
One thing I wish I knew before starting the Residency Program is I guess I wish I knew that it is OK to not know everything.
What was the most difficult thing during your intern year? There were a few months in the winter when I had consecutive floor months including a bunch of time on Hematology & Oncology services and MICU, and at some point, I just hit a wall. It wasn’t one thing in particular, but with the combination of long days, bad prognoses and little sunshine, I remember just feeling very overwhelmed.
At work I always remember to be nice to the nurses and social workers!
At work I never come in late. I like getting an early start on every day in order to feel prepared and unflustered for rounds and for the rest of the day.
Favorite residency event? Bronson’s Day was GREAT!!! Who wouldn’t like a whole day out of the hospital to spend time with the other interns and chiefs?
What’s the average day like for you? My days on the medicine floors are all fairly similar: get in around 6:15-6:30, get sign out on Tower 5, preround on my patients and start my notes if I have time. Then rounding at 8 a.m. which, if we’re lucky, is done before conference. Afternoons are filled with noon conferences, getting work done for existing patients, writing notes and admitting new patients. Depending on what call you’re on, you may get out between 5 and 11 p.m.
What’s the best advice you’ve been given? You will get through it. No matter how hard you think a day or week has been, other people have been going through the same thing (whether they show it or not), and it’s ok. And, you are your harshest critic, so even if you think something hasn’t gone well in that particular day, it’s probably not as bad as you think.

How would you describe Cleveland to somebody who has never been here? Totally awesome!!! I truly think Cleveland has soooo much to offer from great food, music, and art to parks, amusement parks and, of course, great people. The best part is that everything is accessible and affordable!
What neighborhood you live in? I bought a house in University Heights after graduating from med school, and I love my neighborhood.
What are some of the spots to go to fall in love with Cleveland? Wade Oval Wednesdays, the Art Museum’s first Friday Mix events, Third Friday at West 78th street galleries, Tremont Art Walks.
Your favorite spots for a coffee: I don’t actually drink coffee, but I like hanging out at Phoenix on Coventry or Lee.
A quick bite around the hospital: Depends on what I’m in the mood for…there are tons of great spots around Little Italy and Uptown, but my favorite restaurant is Club Isabella.
Dinner with friends: Felice on Larchmere.
Shop: Beachwood Place, Legacy, Banyan Tree in Tremont.
A night on the town: Tremont, Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Cope with sleep deprivation: Sleep whenever I can and try to get good sleep—blackout curtains, no TV, etc.
Get to conferences on time: I come in early so that I can get most of my work done in the morning.
Avoid burnout: Make plans to see my friends and family as much as I possibly can when I know that I have time off.

East Side or West Side: EAST!!!!
Staying in or going out: In
UH or VA: UH
Grand Rounds or M&M: M&M
CICU or MICU: I haven’t done CICU yet, but probably MICU
Lease or buy a car in Cleveland: Buy
Own or rent a house in Cleveland: Depends… I bought and love it

On my bucket list one of my best friends is taking a 6-month trip around the world and I think that would be awesome.
I can’t live without my family, friends. Probably my car and cell phone as well.
Fun fact most people don’t know about me my dad and I spend a lot of time watching really bad action movies.
When I’m not on call you will find me with my family, friends, playing squash or football, volunteering for the Free Clinic or Urban Squash Cleveland.