Med-Peds Education


Here at University Hospitals and Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, we expect our residents to practice medicine based on the most up-to-date, evidence-based guidelines. Given our association with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and one of the top NIH-funded institutions, we pride ourselves in our role as a major referral center at the cutting edge of research and clinical practice. We accomplish this level of high achievement by recruiting and training intelligent and hard-working medical staff while maintaining a friendly and collegial working environment in which students, residents, and faculty can freely exchange ideas.

Our residents receive most of their education through patient care, direct faculty supervision and teaching, various educational conferences and independent study. Residents are also expected to conduct a research project as part of their graduation requirement. In the past, resident projects have included basic science, clinical research, international research, and quality improvement projects. Residents are also required to choose at least one clinical mentor who shares the same career interests. However, most of our residents find it more helpful to have one primary advisor while also seeking advice from various faculty members as their academic and personal interests continue to develop during their residency.

You can find details on categorical conferences, combined med/peds conferences, research requirements and other educational material in our residency website. We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have in anticipation of your application or interview.