Intern Boot Camp Lectures


A lecture series is provided to interns at the beginning of the year to cover common acute inpatient medical conditions. These lectures are protected (i.e. pager free) and are available below for review.

Admissions by Ameen Al-Aghil
Altered Mental Status by Muhammad Panhwar
Antibiotics and MRSA by Chandler Church
Carpenter by Charlie Burns
Cirrhosis by Lindsay Meurer
Codes by Toral Patel
EKG by Saurav Uppal
Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis by Muhammad Husnain
Fever by Will Garner
Hyperglycemia by Jacob Aaron
ICU by David Tofovic
Liver Function Tests by Megan Chan
Organization by Courtney Batt
Palliative Care by Terry Barrett
Procedures by David Tofovic
Radiology Lines and Tubes by Kevin Kalisz
Renal Disease and HD by Terry Barrett
Sepsis by Andrew Harding
Shortness of Breath by Jude Khatib

ACLS by Jack Hornick
Carpenter Service by Charlie Burns
Cirrhosis by Greg Nizialek
Fluids and Electrolytes by Keith Torrey
Fluids and Electrolytes Handout by Keith Torrey
GI Bleed by Ashley Trotter
Hem/Onc Emergencies by Katia Khoury
Hypertensive Emergencies by Leben Tefera and Andrew Harris
Intro to Medical Procedures by Paul Shaniuk
Intro to Ratnoff and Weisman Service by Alyson Michener
Liver Function Tests by Megan Chan
MRSA by Khalid Dousa
Neurology Intro by Bryan Bonder
Night Float Topics by Justin Morrison
Sepsis by Andrew Harding
Shortness of Breath by Jude Khatib

ACLS Review
Altered Mental Status
Carpenter Service Overview
Chest Pain
Dworken Service Overview
ECG Interpretation
Hellerstein Service Overview
Hospital Medicine
Hypertensive Emergencies
Liver Function Tests
Procedures: Paracentesis, Thoracentesis, LP
Renal Disease / Eckel Service Overview