Team Science Challenge


Team Science is an important means of advancing modern medical research. The awards from the Department of Medicine will provide support for developing a major research proposal. The recipient teams will be multidisciplinary, derived from at least two divisions of the Department of Medicine and/or a faculty member from the Department of Medicine and others from departments outside of medicine, and be multi PI. Grants will have an initial annual budget not to exceed $25,000 direct costs each and be for up to one year in duration. In the first year of funding, up to three grants will be awarded.

Co-Principal Investigators representing different disciplines are required. At least one of the Principal Investigators must be a member of the faculty of the Department of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. Post-doctoral fellows, residents, graduate students and research associates are not eligible to apply for these research grants, but may be an integral part of a proposal made by a faculty member.

Application Deadline: Thursday, June 1, 2017
Submission: send applications in PDF format to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Funding to begin no later than July 1, 2017
This is an internal grant and NOT TO BE ROUTED through the CASE research offices.
For any questions regarding Team Science grants please contact Thomas Hostetter, MD.

Application Instructions

All applications must be typed, single-spaced, using a standard 11 or 12 font. Number the pages consecutively at the bottom throughout the application. Type the name of the Principal Investigator/Program Director at the top of each printed page and each continuation page. Submit in the order listed below starting with the Title Page.

Title Page: Principal Investigators’ Names; Departments/Divisions; Mailing Addresses; Phone numbers; Email addresses; Grant Title. Click here to download the form.

I. Budget
Provide a 12-month budget (not to exceed $25,000) plus matching funds as appropriate (do not include indirect costs) followed by a justification of budget items. Click here to download the form.
The funds received from this award MUST be used within the period specified. There will be NO EXTENSIONS.

Biographical Sketch/Other Support (For PIs and Co-Investigators)I
First and second page (two-page limit) for biosketch. Third and fourth page (two-page limit) for other support. If you have no current or pending other support, include a statement to that effect. Click here to download the form.

III. Resources
Provide a description of the resources (i.e. facilities and personnel) available to you to support your proposed research activity.

IV. Description of Research Proposal (A-G not to exceed three pages)

  1. Specific Aims (not to exceed 1/2 page).
  2. Significance (with implications for further studies and plans for seeking future outside support-not to exceed1/2 page).
  3. Background/Preliminary Studies (not to exceed 1 page).
  4. Experimental Design and Methods (not to exceed 1 page).
  5. Proposed ultimate funding source including existing or pending RFAs.
  6. Roles of Major Investigators and Key Consultants.
  7. Literature Cited (not to exceed 1/2 pages).

V. Appendix (five-page limit)
Figures, Tables, Submitted manuscripts, etc.

VI. Letters of Support
Provide letters of support from appropriate collaborators/consultants.


Review Process
Proposals will be reviewed by an oversight committee consisting of representatives from the Department of Medicine Research Committee. When appropriate, external reviewers will be used by the committee. Reviewers will provide a concise written report to the applicant. In making a decision, the committee will take into consideration the following items:
1. Projects with strong scientific merit and likelihood of producing a competitive proposal
2. Applications must be multi PI and
3. PIs must come from at least two divisions in the Department of Medicine
4. Preference will be given to proposals including PIs from departments in addition to the Department of Medicine
5. Preference will be given to proposals with matching funds from other departments

Reporting Requirements
Grantees are required to submit a six-month interim and a final report at the completion of the year summarizing major activities and research findings, and to provide information on the funding status of the research initiated with this grant as well as related publications in each of the succeeding four years. Significant progress in program development at six months will be expected to release the second half year of funding.

Past Awardees:

2016 - Sourabh Shukla, PhD, Alan Levine, PhD, Nicole Steinmetz, PhD; Nagaraju Sarabu, MD, Christopher Hoimes, DO, Robert Abouassaly, MD; Miguel Quinones-Mateu, PhD, Guiseppe Strangi, PhD, Jonathan Karn, PhD, Robert Salata, MD, W. Henry Boom, MD, Immaculate Nankya, MD, PhD

2015 - Alvin Schmaier, MD, an Marvin Nieman, PhD; Donald Anthony, MD, PhD, and Saba Valadkhan, MD, PhD; Shigemi Matsuyama, PhD, Richard Zigmond, DVM, PhD, and David Wald, MD, PhD)

2014 - Lyndsay Harris, MD, Ruth Keri, PhD, Gurkan Bebek, PhD; Carlos Subauste, MD, Fabio Cominelli, MD, PhD; Sanford Markowitz, MD, PhD, Edward Greenfield, PhD